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What Can Cause Your Refrigerator To Leak?

Fridge leaking problems always come unexpectedly …

Have you ever been to the kitchen for a snack at midnight and get welcomed by the wet floor as you get close to the refrigerator?

Although you may have assumed that someone has spilt something on the floor and was too tired to turn on the light to try it out, you may want to fix it before it becomes a major leak problem.

In addition to causing concern about an electric shock, a risk of slipping or possible floor damage, water leakage can be a sign of a serious malfunction in the refrigerator. To avoid the risk of one of these problems, the problem must be fixed immediately. Same Day Chicago Refrigeration Repair & Service is one of the most trusted companies that can provide you immediate refrigerator repair service with full follow up.

refrigerator repair service

Keep the following in mind before tearing your refrigerator apart:

The technicians at Same Day Chicago Refrigeration Repair & Service are experts in repairing all brands, models, and types of refrigerators, but if you know where the leak comes from, you can quickly put your refrigerator into operation. Water leaks in these areas are likely to indicate distinct problems:

  • Inside water leak—interior defroster drain line problem.
  • Rear water leak—problem with the ice maker or water line.
  • Front water leak—clogged drain tube.
  • Bottom centre leak—drain pan issue.

Check out these common fridge leaking problems:


If the water leak is mainly in your refrigerator, you probably have a clogged defrost discharge in the freezer. Today’s freezers run on a cycle of freezing and thawing, which means that it constantly produces condensation. The excess moisture flows through the defrost drain and is collected by the collector under the refrigerator.

The small drain can easily get clogged with food particles, chunks of ice, or it can freeze up. If water comes out of the defrost cycle, it can leak out of the refrigerator and onto the floor. Most drainage pipes are located behind the crisper drawers. If you can easily remove the top of the drain, inspect it on clogs. Often flushing the drain with hot water will free the line. If this is not the case, contact a professional to inspect further.


Many refrigerators require the use of a water filter that must be replaced every seven months. Unfortunately, for various reasons, this can be a source of water leaks:

  • Poor connection between the filter and the supply line
  • Improper installation
  • Incorrect size
  • Wrong model
  • Cracked housing or seals due to age

In all these cases, water flows along the outside of the filter to the inside of the refrigerator. Try to remove the filter and replace it with the model recommended by the manufacturer. If the problem persists, contact Same Day Chicago Refrigeration Repair & Service, a repair company that provides easy refrigerator repair service in Chicago and the regions that fall within its 30 miles of radius.


Surprisingly, a puddle under your refrigerator is not caused by a leak but by excess condensation of a door that does not close properly. If the rubber door seals are damaged, your refrigerator will run constantly. This will lead to condensation on the coils and eventually, water on the floor.

Try to wash the gaskets with warm soapy water to remove dirt and sticky residue. Also, make sure that your refrigerator leans slightly backward (you can lower the adjustable legs for this.) If the refrigerator leans forward, it is possible that the door will not close properly. Check that the bolts holding the refrigerator door (s) are held and hold the door in place. Torn or worn door seals must be replaced.


It is sometimes hard to decide the exact source of a refrigerator leak, so a professional evaluation from a refrigerator repair service like Same Day Chicago Refrigeration Repair & Service may be needed.

If your refrigerator is leaking, do not worry. You can have best refrigerator repair service assistance with Same Day Chicago Refrigeration Repair & Service immediately. All you have to do is call us at +630-310-8515 (Toll-Free), or you can schedule an appointment at our website.

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Have Your Ice Maker Repaired Instantly With Same Day Chicago Refrigeration Repair & Service

It can be frustrating to go to the ice maker in your fridge and did not have anything come out. Ice makers are appliances that have problems like any other kitchen appliance. If you have problems with your ice machine, rest assured, our repairers of ice makers are ready to help. Our specialists are constantly trained in the latest and best technologies for repairing refrigerators. If it breaks, we know how to fix it.

When an ice maker has problems, most people have no clue where to turn. They end up breaking the ice maker and spend months, if not years without ice when something very simple is probably the solution. If this happens to you, you need a company that you can trust. Same Day Chicago Refrigeration Repair & Service repair professionals are proud to be able to diagnose and repair most ice makers fastly and efficiently with fair and transparent estimates.

You also want a repairer who specializes in your brand and model. That is when you have to call Same Day Chicago Refrigeration Repair & Service. We offer expert repair at Whirlpool, Maytag, Electrolux, LG and basically all other refrigerators out there.

ice maker repair

There are quite a few issues that can occur and make your ice maker stop working:

It does not turn off

Can you picture an ice maker that will continue? It will certainly give you enough ice to keep you going for a lifetime – a joke. This can only raise electricity and cost you a lot, so it’s best that you consult a professional ice maker repair technician from Same Day Chicago Refrigeration Repair & Service for help.

It does not make ice

What is the feeling of having an ice maker that cannot make ice? Meaningless! However, it does not have to be that way. It can be repaired so that you can use it again.

No ice discharge

No ice? You will notice that your ice maker is not able to discharge the ice when you want it. This may specify an issue with the shut-off arm or the internal component.

It is leaking

Leaking is a common problem that occurs with ice maker. If this happens, switch off your ice maker and consult a technician for help.

Temperature too high

This will cause your ice cubes to melt and lose its shape.

Temperature too low

If the temperature of the ice maker is too low, you will not get the desired ice shape and texture.

Switch is faulty

The connections can be disrupted.

If your refrigerator gives you problems and you need a quick and efficient ice maker repair, then call Same Day Chicago Refrigeration Repair & Service at +630-310-8515(Toll-Free), or schedule an appointment online at our website today and let our professionalism and experience work for you!

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Expert Commercial Refrigeration Repair with Trained and Certified Repair Engineers

If you run a hotel, shop, restaurant or pub that facilitates the use of refrigeration, you might need to repair your refrigerator at some point. Same Day Chicago Repair & Services offers a versatile service of Freezer, Ice Maker, and Cooler of all brands. When it comes to commercial refrigeration repair in Chicago, everyone needs quick and convenient service and we ensure that you will be satisfied with our service.

Same Day Chicago Repair & Services offers Commercial refrigeration repair services at affordable and competitive prices with our well trained and certified repair engineers. Our repair technicians are well mannered and knowledgeable and we pride ourselves on our professionalism. When you call us you can be confident that the repair technician who services your machine and equipment is the best person at his job.

Our Commercial refrigeration repair technicians have worked with all makes and models of refrigeration, and they’ll be able to identify the problem quickly and proceed with fixing it, whether it’s a faulty part or malfunctioning electronics.

At Same Day Chicago Repair & Services we work six days every week, for your convenience. We are always as quick as possible in the repairs of commercial refrigeration, provided by our friendly and expert technicians, combining an excellent service with the maximum care for our clients and their appliances.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Some of the refrigeration fault repairs include:

  • Too cold issue
  • Refrigerator Not Hot issue
  • Refrigerator Door not closing
  • Refrigerator Leaking problem
  • Noisy / bleeping issue
  • Faulty light
  • Refrigerator Controls not working

With same day service gets your commercial Refrigerator repaired by fully professional engineers in a fast and very cost-effective manner.

Why Choose Us?

Customer service is our No.1 priority because we know the best way to run a business is to build good relationships with customers based on trust and high-quality service. We provide same or next-day service so you don’t have to worry about being without your most important commercial refrigerator for too long. Contact us today to schedule your refrigerator repair service in Chicago or the surrounding areas. We offer 90 Days warranty on parts and labor, so you can be confident we will do the job right the very first time!

Top Brands We Repair:

  • Admiral
  • U-Line
  • TRUE Refrigeration
  • Hotpoint
  • Amana
  • Carrier
  • Whirlpool
  • Haier
  • LG

If you are currently facing a commercial refrigeration emergency, contact us at; 630-310-8515 / 847-979-76498 / 866-289-6951 today! One of our repair technicians can come out to assess the problem and provide you with an estimate of the cost.

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Here Is A Quick Cure For HVAC Refrigerator In Chicago By Same Day Chicago Refrigeration

— HVAC Repair Chicago IL —

Whether you run a restaurant or a school, you know just how important it is to keep your HVAC refrigerator in good working condition. When a problem crops up, it could be costing you money by the minute—which is why you shouldn’t delay in contacting the HVAC repair technicians at  Same Day Chicago Refrigeration. The sooner you give us a call, the sooner we can repair your refrigerator back into shape..

We understand your refrigerator can be a lifeline for your business. That is why we are committed to providing you with priority service. We make repairing your appliance our number 1 priority..

We are an HVAC Residential & Commercial refrigeration repair company in Chicago, IL and we specialize in the repair of refrigerators and ice maker repair. We have years of HVAC refrigeration repair experience..

hvac repair chicago il


Some of the Most Common Residential & Commercial Refrigerator Issues

  •       Leaking water issues in your refrigerator
  •       Fluid issues in fresh food compartments.
  •       There is excessive frost in the freezer.
  •       Your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly.
  •       Noises problem in Your refrigerator

Our field service technicians will outline to you:

  • The costs of repair including parts & labour.
  • The expected lifetime of the appliance.
  • The availability of parts now and in future.
  • The cost of acquiring a new appliance if needed.
  • Any associated removal and installation costs.
  • A clear explanation of any fault found and suitable options to fix.

Why Choose Us?

  •       Competitive pricing.
  •       Experienced and capable workers.
  •       90 Days warranty on parts and labour
  •       Top quality workmanship.
  •       Friendly technicians


If you find any heating or cooling problem in your HVAC refrigerator get it repaired quickly.Give us a call at (630-310-8515 / 847-979-76498 / 866-289-6951). We will have your appliance repaired much faster than you expect..

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