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April 14, 2018
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April 25, 2018

It can be frustrating to go to the ice maker in your fridge and did not have anything come out. Ice makers are appliances that have problems like any other kitchen appliance. If you have problems with your ice machine, rest assured, our repairers of ice makers are ready to help. Our specialists are constantly trained in the latest and best technologies for repairing refrigerators. If it breaks, we know how to fix it.
When an ice maker has problems, most people have no clue where to turn. They end up breaking the ice maker and spend months, if not years without ice when something very simple is probably the solution. If this happens to you, you need a company that you can trust. Same Day Chicago Refrigeration Repair & Service repair professionals are proud to be able to diagnose and repair most ice makers fastly and efficiently with fair and transparent estimates.
You also want a repairer who specializes in your brand and model. That is when you have to call Same Day Chicago Refrigeration Repair & Service. We offer expert repair at Whirlpool, Maytag, Electrolux, LG and basically all other refrigerators out there.

There are quite a few issues that can occur and make your ice maker stop working:

It does not turn off

Can you picture an ice maker that will continue? It will certainly give you enough ice to keep you going for a lifetime – a joke. This can only raise electricity and cost you a lot, so it’s best that you consult a professional ice maker repair technician from Same Day Chicago Refrigeration Repair & Service for help.

It does not make ice

What is the feeling of having an ice maker that cannot make ice? Meaningless! However, it does not have to be that way. It can be repaired so that you can use it again.

No ice discharge

No ice? You will notice that your ice maker is not able to discharge the ice when you want it. This may specify an issue with the shut-off arm or the internal component.

It is leaking

Leaking is a common problem that occurs with ice maker. If this happens, switch off your ice maker and consult a technician for help.

Temperature too high

This will cause your ice cubes to melt and lose its shape.

Temperature too low

If the temperature of the ice maker is too low, you will not get the desired ice shape and texture.

Switch is faulty

The connections can be disrupted.
If your refrigerator gives you problems and you need a quick and efficient ice maker repair, then call Same Day Chicago Refrigeration Repair & Service at +630-310-8515(Toll-Free), or schedule an appointment online at our website today and let our professionalism and experience work for you!
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