How do I book a Service Call with you Fridge Repair people to come to my house?

Give us a call on 630-310-8515 / 847-979-7649 – we service most areas in 30 milles around the Darien,IL.60561.

How will I know what’s going on when the fridge guy comes?

The Fridge Repair service technician will clearly explain after initial diagnosis what’s wrong and the options available for repair.

How long do repairs take?

Depending on the repairs we find most of the work is completed in 30mins to 50mins.

Is my fridge going to be fixed in my house?

Yes! We carry most functional parts stocked with us. Also, Over 99% of our Fridge Repair service calls are “First Call Fix”.

Do I have to pay on the day?

Yes! All work must be paid for on completion. Strictly COD.

Some other company’s Advertise a free service call or free quote, Why doesn’t yours?

Most of the time nothing is for free, “It’s free with repair”. Meaning if you were to reject their quote if too high, they will still make you pay for their call out. It’s not a free service. Service costs money in the form of licensing, insurance, petrol, people labour, vehicles, telephones etc. We are in the business of providing honest, reliable and cost effective flat fee labour costs so you get the best.

Do you give seniors’ discounts?

Yes! We give senior card holders less 10% discount on parts & labour

How full can I pack my freezer?

Keep your freezer as full as you need it to be, as long as the air vents are not blocked. For the most efficient operation, it’s best keep enough food to fill half of the freezer.

How cold should my refrigerator/freezer be?

Your refrigerator’s thermostat should be set to 36 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately two degrees Celsius) and your freezer’s thermostat from 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius).

I want my refrigerator door to open the opposite way. Is it possible?

Usually, yes. You can reverse the doors on most refrigerators. Consult the owner’s manual for your refrigerator/freezer for the proper instructions. If you no longer have the manual, enter your model number in the search field at the top of this page to see if it’s available for purchase on our site.

Is it easy to add an ice maker to my refrigerator/freezer?

Yes, if your freezer has the necessary internal wiring (most do), this is a do-it-yourself project. Enter your refrigerator’s model number to find an icemaker kit for your model.

Can I add shelves to my refrigerator or freezer?

Usually. If there is room in your unit for an additional shelf, and the necessary hardware in the walls and/or ceiling, you can add a shelf. Enter your refrigerator’s model number here to find a shelf for your refrigerator.

Does the freezer get warmer during self-defrost?

Yes. The freezer temperature increases by about 20 degrees during the defrost cycle. This is normal and doesn’t affect the quality of the food in your freezer.

What causes freezer burn? And is it safe?

Freezer burn is a common problem caused by food packaging. Food dehydrates due to exposure to the air in the freezer. Standard supermarket packaging for many foods is not designed to prevent dehydration. If you intend to store food in your freezer for more than a few days, you should place the food in airtight containers or zippered plastic bags specifically made for food preservation and freezer storage. It is absolutely safe to cook or eat freezer-burned food. However, most people find that the dehydration process destroys the food’s taste and texture. Dehydrated meat is said to be tough and tasteless after cooking.

My refrigerator seems to run constantly. Is that normal?

No. There are several possible causes. Before troubleshooting in our refrigerator repair help information, make sure that the refrigerator’s condenser coils are clean, that there’s enough space between the condenser coils and the wall (one inch or about two and a half centimeters) for adequate air flow and that the gasket (door seal) is in good condition. Enter your refrigerator’s model number in our repair help for more information about other possible causes and fixes.

How long can I expect my refrigerator to last before I replace it?

The average life of a refrigerator is 14 to 17 years. Some last many more years, others many fewer. Proper maintenance will positively impact the life of your refrigerator.

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