1What Is HVAC?
HVAC is the short form for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC is a common term used for a full heating and cooling system. This consists of ducts, air filters, registers, humidification controls etc.
2How do I get in touch with you for my refrigerator repair work to be done immediately?
You can give us a call on 630-310-8515 / 847-979-7649 and our expert technicians will get in touch with you immediately to provide instant services
3What Brands do you install, repair and provide maintenance for?
SameDayChicago Refrigeration provides full services for installation, repair and maintenance for all types of brands and models. Our highly qualified technicians have work of experience for all brands of HVAC.
4Do you provide emergency Repair Services?
Yes! Our experts are always there to provide 24/7 services for repair and installation.
5Is there a need to fix my refrigerator if there is frost on the back wall of the freezer?
Yes! This means your defrost system is not working properly and requires repair work. Your refrigerator needs to be fixed and this cost is much less than the actual cost of a new refrigerator.
6Should I fix my refrigerator if it smells?
Yes! Your refrigerator requires fixing and good cleaning if it smells. This would require a new condenser fan motor.
7Should I call for refrigerator repair work if switches On and Off?
Your refrigerator’s compressor might be having some problem and you may require a new one. You can call us anytime and our experts shall guide you properly.
8Why do our heating and cooling systems require regular maintenance and repair?
Heating and cooling systems require regular maintenance to get unrestricted air flows. This is done to remove dust, dirt, and debris on HVAC systems. For all indoor or outdoor units, the filters should be clean and heat exchangers and coils should be free of restrictions.The heating and cooling system should be properly serviced twice a year and the filters should be cleaned regularly. This would avoid serious problems that would occur in future.
9Why should I change my air filter regularly?
Air filters should be regularly replaced depending upon its type that would help you your heating and cooling systems to operate properly and improve your indoor air quality. Also, the air flow needs to be maintained so that your house is free from dust, germs and allergens.
10Should I fix my refrigerator if there is water in the bottom of the refrigerator and there is Ice in the bottom of the freezer?
Yes! It needs to be fixed and repaired as this might be due to clogged drain.
11What is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?
The term Indoor Air Quality is used to describe the level of air pollution inside a house or a particular room.
12How long do you take for your repair services to be done?
The time taken for the repair work actually depends upon the type of repair that needs to be done. Minimum time that we take for the simplest repair is 30 to minutes.
13My refrigerator is 20 years old, So is it required to be replaced?
The average life of a refrigerator is 14 to 18 years. Some may last more and some less. With proper maintenance has a deep impact on its life and efficiency. Regular maintenance after one needs to be done so that it remains in a good working condition.
14Will you fix my appliance on the first appointment itself?
Yes! We understand their problem and aim to help our customers by fixing any kind of issue with their appliance within time and as soon as possible.
15When do I have to pay for your repair or installation service?
You can pay after the work has been completed.
16What is the mode of payment that you require?
The mode of payment is purely cash on delivery(COD).


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