February 8, 2015

Refrigerator, Fridge, Freezer Problem

Refrigerator, Fridge, Freezer Problem Like other modern appliances, refrigerators have “gone digital,” updating many components with more advanced ones as technological progress continues. Despite these changes, the way refrigerators work has not changed much, except that the coolant is no longer chloro-fluoro-carbons (like Freon) but the new, eco-friendlier HFC (tetrafluoroethane). It would certainly behoove you to read a good article on basic refrigerator operations, as well as the manual and user guide that came with your appliance. When you understand how the machine operates, and are particularly familiar with the specific model sitting in your kitchen (or wherever), you will be much better prepared to notice when things are going awry. Basic observations Without getting into the material that you […]